"Being A Man In 2020": Meet Carlos Harleaux

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

If there is one word I would use to describe 2020 so far, it's pivotal. Not only is it pivotal from the aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic, many victims of police brutality, the Black Lives Matter movement, and tensions surrounding this year’s Presidential election. Honestly, it is also about my own expectations that have either faltered or exceeded my imagination. When I was in high school, I kinda thought we would all be flying around like The Jetsons in 2020. Although that has not happened, I’d say I’ve still learned some valuable lessons along the way.

2020 was my (and probably yours too) proclaimed year to get so many things in order, including my finances. In comes COVID-19, stay at home orders are in place…and suddenly, I’m saving money. I didn’t have to worry about commuting 60 plus miles round trip during the week or eating out because I was at home. Plus, I picked up Instacart as a side hustle that was very profitable specifically during March and April. I used the extra time to hustle harder and stash away more money in my savings. Inadvertently, I’m still working toward my financial goals, just not in the way I expected.

Personally, I celebrated the 7-year anniversary of my publishing company, 7th Sign Publishing. Few people know this, but this was also the year I decided to end the publishing aspect and switch to consulting. Repeated occurrences of meeting with 10 people and maybe getting 1 client (no exaggeration) from it became tiresome. Fast forward to May of this year, and suddenly I had three confirmed clients in one week. I guess it’s not my time to hang it up just yet. Also, I revamped a book that I had written at the end of 2018 and it’s being edited as I type this for release later this year.

Professionally, I created an entire year’s worth of a marketing calendar that basically got thrown out of the window. Great. Another pivot. Although I was frustrated that all my hard work was scrapped, it stretched me and forced me to come up with more ideas on the spot. As a result, my creativity expanded, and it made me think quicker on my feet.

This year has not been easy for any of us to say the least. However, I’m grateful to still be here and able to pivot in a new direction. Some people don’t even have that privilege. 2020 has made me a more grateful, purposeful, and strategic man. Now, I’ve learned that a plan derailed is not always a plan destroyed.

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