"Being A Man In 2020": Meet Charles W. Bush

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

I’ve always felt like I’ve had to work harder than the next guy, just to do as well as the next guy. To do better than the next guy, I had to just go way above and beyond. This is the attitude I will forever have because of what life has handed me.

A 37 year old black man with no kids and not married, what? Why? This is the question I get every blue moon. Let me say something. Excuse me for not having relations with everybody I’ve been with. Excuse me for wearing protection during intercourse. Excuse me having BIG dreams I know a child could effect. Excuse me for knowing sex before marriage is a sin and trying to uphold that. Some say I’m selfish for not having a child yet. I just say when I’m married and the time is right, I will.

“Oh my gosh she is beautiful”. “I want to help her with her groceries because clearly she’s struggling”. “I would like to inbox her to introduce myself so when I have a project I could use her”. Those were some of the thoughts that went through my mind with different situations. I wanted to compliment her, especially because it looked like she had a rough day through and through. But damn I wasn’t trying to be a part of #metoo. Everybody was hopping in her DMs. I wasn’t trying to be him, but just trying to be cordial and network. I’m just genuinely a nice guy. So let me help you with your groceries. I’m not trying to attack. Like Badu said “you gone hurt yo back”.

A woman who leaves her corporate job to pursue her passion is usually commended. A man who does the same is often considered lazy and irresponsible. Holding down a full time job and having a full time passion is taxing on your health, mental and productivity. No matter what you do, something will lack. Then you have to prioritize your “job” and your career. So I pray my steps are ordered and put my best foot forward.

Being a man in 2020, dating in 2020, pursuing your dreams in 2020 all require one to be extremely humble. How to remain humble? Treat every venture as if it was your first…..like you’re an intern.

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