"Being A Man In 2020": Meet Kenneth Critton

What does the “2020 Man” look like? That question alone depends on whom you ask. There is no instruction manual for being a man or father; however, there is a blueprint of having some necessities. Whether a man lived in 1920 or 2020, he must be a Man of Integrity; a Man of Moral Character; a provider or a man who goes to work. Finally, I believe he must be a Man of God.

I applaud all the single mothers who have birthed and raised sons. I was raised by a single mother. My father was aware he had a son but had no interest in knowing me. To some this would have been detrimental, their entire existence and identity would have been altered, but in some ways I am glad I didn’t have a “live in” father. Why? Because if I had the wrong father; an abusive or alcoholic father; an unfaithful father, I probably would have picked up some of those characteristics. I believe it is imperative every single mother surround their sons with men of integrity. Single mothers. no matter how good you are as a mother, you cannot turn a boy into a man.

Personally, I learned how to be a man from being around men who possessed moral character. However, my greatest teacher of all was my heavenly father. Every man will have struggles, failures and will need some wisdom in life. These same struggles and failures are what makes us men. However, it is a lot better to have someone you can rely on. As men, we wear many hats… Father, Provider, Husband, Teacher, Brother and Friend. That can be very taxing on any man. I found out it is more taxing if you are an African American man. It is sad we are living in 2020 and still experiencing some of the same struggles those before us. Every man regardless of color desires to be treated with respect.

God blessed my wife and I with girls not boys. As fathers sometimes, we miss the mark because we did not have boys. Being a father, we still need to be there for our girls. I was the first man to tell my girls they were beautiful. I was the first man to take my girls out for dinner. I was there for every event, even sports. One of my daughters shares my passion for basketball and since I didn’t have a son, I got very excited. I got to thinking, “since I played, I can teach her how to play”. As a result of the training and father time, she has received a full scholarship for college. That is the power of an active father being in the home. Since they know what a man looks like, they can distinguish “Mr. Right” from “Mr. Wrong”. I want to be the best example of a man for my daughter’s. Every morning, they watch me go to work. They watch how I treat their mother with respect and love her. And one thing I’m super proud of, they experience the partnership of marriage. I have no problem doing household duties, picking up a broom, and taking some of the load off my wife.

A 2020 man needs to be a driven man every day. If he is not headed somewhere, he needs to be a man that has already arrived. A 2020 man needs to be a man of love, not hate. A 2020 man needs to be a man of compassion, not anger. What does a Modern-day man supposed to be? The year may be a different number, but the qualities of what a man supposed to be, never goes out of style.

June 18, 2020 - July 8, 2020, 15 strong, confident and truth-seeking men will share some of their struggles, accomplishments, and challenges of 2020… You don’t want to miss this, so make sure you check back as they reveal what it's like "Being A Man In 2020"…


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