"Being A Woman In 2020": Meet Artesia Watson

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

2020 has been the year of transitional change, transformation, and revolution. Being a woman in these times can be described as enduring, heavy-hearted, and influential. Personally, this year has allowed me to learn and explore more things about myself than ever before. As a single black woman in her late 20s, 2020 has presented some personal challenges, as well as new life experiences. Balancing a new job, while staying atop of my grades, pursuing two additional degrees is not for the faint-hearted. I was born in Louisiana, raised by a single mother who undoubtedly did her best to make sure I blossomed into a woman of character. A woman who was strong and independent but also, smart, and poise with a big heart for people. Most importantly, she raised me with love so that I could truly know what that means. I can confidently say that I repute that if it had not been for her, I wouldn’t be half of who I am today.

Moving to Dallas, Tx in 2017 with no friends or family was such a huge leap of faith, that it showed me I didn’t know my own strength. It was my first time, besides college, being away from home and I was worried this big city would eat me up and spit me out. Prayerfully, things started to align, and I began to understand my purpose. Three years later, and it amazes me to be able to look back on how bold I had to be to over the years. To have the tenacity to work my way into a comfortable position, owning my life here in Dallas unapologetically for all it has to offer. I have embraced so much more confidence about myself that I never knew I even had. Being a woman for me means to stick with it. Be goal-oriented to lay the path of a foundation to build from. Being brave enough to face your fears. Having enough esteem to hold yourself accountable when you make mistakes, but most importantly, loving yourself enough to not losing sight of who YOU are.

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