"Being A Woman In 2020": Meet Bridget Williams-Davis

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

As a woman in 2020, it is now more apparent to me than ever, there has never been a better time to be a woman! Women are strong, capable, valuable and more than enough! We are living in a world that is gradually understanding women are brilliant thinkers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and so much more! Women are leading corporations, cities, states,hospitals, universities, and so many other areas. We are now having a seat at the table where our values, ideas and opinions are valued.

Although times are changing, sometimes it feels as if the change isn’t coming fast enough. As a young woman, I aspired to be a CPA. I wanted the honor of having one of the most valued distinctions of the profession in exchange for the hard work and commitment. This occupation was dominated by white men. In 2000 when I told my then boss, a white male, I wanted to sit for the exam, he told me not to “worry about it” and just continue to build my career with my accounting degree alone. I was devastated. The fact I was not viewed as capable or deserving of the distinction hit me hard. I didn’t let it get me down. With a lot of commitment and sacrifice, that aspiration turned into a reality. As a woman we have often taken the back seat and let others determine our value. My most important lesson is knowing my value!

We as women need to be more confident to stand up and speak out against anything that is wrong or unjust. When we stand up for ourselves, we are in turn standing up for other women just like so many women did ahead of us. At the same time we must speak out about areas where inequality exists. Speaking out for what we believe is right and never accepting something because it is easier to live with is now our new normal. We must commit to ourselves and each other to always be on the side of right. Our voice is more valuable now than ever and we need to use it!

Being a woman in 2020 empowers me to look up to so many amazing women. I am so inspired to see all the great things women are doing and the differences they are making around the world! As I live and learn from my experiences, it is so important to me to pass any lessons learned on to my beautiful daughter and on to the next woman. Our mistakes don’t have to be repeated! I thank God for all of the amazing women that have been and will be placed in my life!


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