"Being A Woman In 2020": Meet Charolette Flowers

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Being fierce and fearless has been a great place to start the first six months of 2020. Being a woman in 2020 means me living outside of myself and being resilient. Focusing on things that uplifts and motivates me.  It means sharing the bond of being a woman with other confident women and making sure we’re lifting each other as we journey through 2020.  Being a woman in 2020 means being who I am unapologetic. Putting myself first before things that stand in the way of progress. Making time for things and people who truly matter and deleting regret from my vocabulary.  Being a woman in 2020 means accepting everything about myself, the good and the bad. Making sure I see the value in myself and others. Laying it all on the line for good. Judging less and loving more. It means being a better me and loving me all the more.


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