"Being A Woman In 2020": Meet Debra Harleaux Swisher

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

I am honored I have been chosen to expound upon ‘Being A Woman Living in the Year 2020’. If there is anything that I can say has been different in this year, it has to be how I have been moved by the enlightenment that I have gained in this year! My enlightenment has been manifested in the following incidents / occasions:

Global Enlightenment-

In 2020, I have witnessed unsurpassed world-wide unity, brought on by a grave injustice, the death of Mr. George Floyd. In this instance, He personified, in an enormous way, the biblical story about ‘the rejected stone becoming the cornerstone’.

In 2020, I have seen God’s mighty hand move across the world in ways that I have never personally experienced, in my 60 years of life (COVID-19). With one wave of His hand and one breath of His wind, the world becomes confined, masked in fear and trembling: on lockdown until He says, “It’s done”.

Personal Enlightenment -

In 2020, I have seen how the Lord can touch an extremely personal situation, involving a very close relative, wherein He took that downwardly-spiraling individual and put them on a ‘u-turned’ level of elevation, fortified with grace and mercy, all without my help or involvement. (He tied my hands, so that I was not able to say, “I helped them through this or that”.) He subsequently worked out a bad situation for that person’s good!

Conclusion -

In 2020, it has been re-affirmed that good will always triumphant over evil!

God wants me, as well as all humans, to know that HE is indeed still in charge!!! He wants me to know that He can still use whoever, whenever and however He chooses to get His work done! Have no doubt, evil will not prevail… Satan may be the ‘prince of darkness’, but the Almighty wants me to know that there is no night, that will not ultimately be dissipated by Light!

…And, the year is only halfway through!


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