"Being A Woman In 2020": Meet Drew Smith

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

After 6 decades of living and It's now 2020, black women are still an afterthought in most cases. It Is perplexing to me that we are the ones that give birth to life (a critical step in sustaining life on this earth), nurture that life, educate that life, tackle all hurdles and mountains like superwoman, solid foundation for our families, bacon-earners for immediate and extended families, ride or die chicks for spouses, partners, kids, and siblings yet, we rarely get the goods we work so hard for and so deserve.

Can someone tell me why it is unacceptable for me to be a mad black woman knowing I have given all I have and even given what I did not have and yet I feel like I am on Santa's bad list? What our men face against in society, we face against from society and from our own. A double whammy. I have every reason to be mad, but I am not. But I am WOKE! I know I am overlooked, under paid, under acknowledged and often thought of as a servant. I am very aware of the role expected of me so let's make this clear, I am and have always been fully aware of how I was being perceived, and often taken advantage of.

Because I was divinely built by God, in 2020, I can say my strength has been magnified by the unreasonable expectations I have conquered, my faith Is stronger because I have had to regularly use my prayer muscles, my back bone Is stronger than ever because I stood the test of time, my emotions are in check because I cried unashamedly when I needed to whether they were tears of overcoming or tears of joy, I am blessed because my kids are all doing well and financially Independent (ooh chile!), my bank account looks solid now and for the future because I stayed focused and worked consistently even when I did not feel like It, my heart Is good because I quickly forgave transgressions even when the pain was still fresh, and my relationships are strong because of the Investment of time poured Into them.

Being a black woman in 2020 after 6 decades of living has proven to be a gift no other human has been gifted!

Only God knew when he molded me, I was built for this!


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