"Being A Woman In 2020": Meet Kimberly MaKanjuola

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Being a woman is one of the greatest gifts to mankind specifically designed by God to man. “Wo-man” separates the dynamics of man and woman to give multiple layers of woman from God’s provision and purpose that brings life to the world and transfers from her generations of presence and promise. I am a woman who is wise, gifted, confident, beautiful and intelligent, beautifully creating my own world in its many colors of self-consciousness and awareness, knowing I am only here for a moment in time.

Being a woman assures my faith beliefs and aspirations for the greatest good of myself allowing the holy presence of God’s shepherding hands that are within my community and family. As a woman, providing love; acceptance; forgiveness and humility to others is the light of my path to its greatest good.

I am a woman in 2020 who is free, fearless, open-minded, compassionate, and living without reservation and regrets in God’s divine promises for my life and allowing all truths to stand on their own divine merit.

For me, being a woman is being strong-minded, selfless, and using all talents within myself to honor God as the divine order for my life.

I must look beyond broken limitations of other ideologies and familiar boundaries by reaching higher beyond my own expectations. I hope my legacy will provide comfort, prosperity, creative purpose and fulfillment to my daughters, future grandchildren and future great grandchildren of many more strong women to come


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