"Being A Woman In 2020": Meet Lori Verette

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

What is a woman? Woman is defined by her beauty, her passion for love, her strength, her control, and inspirational goals. Her love for God because she knows God is the man in the universe who sees her through all her obstacles.

I’ve always felt like my life would be hard. I was never to compete with any woman. I had to work harder at anything I wanted to accomplish in life. As a woman I had to learn to accept becoming disappointed in situations, be it failed marriages, job offers, and body image. No matter what life threw towards me I knew I had to grow, learn, and push forward past those disappointments and failures and use them to become stronger.

A 53-year-old black woman with a 22-year-old son, and never married. I would say as a woman today I never thought I would be in this position, but as a mother I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve heard it so many times from family and friends “What’s wrong with you Lori? Why aren’t you married yet?” and similar phrases. My thoughts and questions have always been “Why does everyone in the world have to be married?” When I was young and growing up with my mother, I saw what a woman could do without the need of a husband, she took care of myself and my sister happily and brightly. That image shaped my dreams and showed me that you don’t need to get married to be happy with your life. You make

your own happiness. I want to applaud the two women that were in my life growing up: My divorced mother and my grandmother, whom guided ten of her grandchildren to proud and independent adults today. These two women that allowed to me to stand on their shoulders and pave the road forward for me today and were phenomenal.

Being a woman is breaking all the stereotypes and not being what others expect a woman to be either its being married by a certain age, being a mom, a housewife, a teacher, etc. Being a woman is not about her genitals, femininity, or fitting one specific mold. Each woman has her own experience that uniquely hers, being themselves.


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