"Being A Woman In 2020": Meet Shavon Eason

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Being a woman in 2020 has proven to be very challenging for me. Being a single mom of three girls, I have to be the best example of what a woman looks like and should be. The constant struggles of handling life and everything that happens with me and my kids are present, and it’s hard each and every day. I'm blessed to have a support system that is willing to help make things a little bit easier for me, but there are still things I have to handle alone.

In the times we're living in, I have learned to lean more and more on God and my faith. Being a woman; single mom means I have to carry a lot on my shoulders. My top priority is showing my daughter’s, you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. I also have instilled in each of them to never allow anyone to tell you that you can’t. I set the example of how my daughters should carry themselves, and through my actions I'm also teaching them what they should and shouldn't accept from others. I am currently enrolled in college and pursuing a degree. Since I never got that opportunity after high school, not only going back, but completing my degree is imperative. Going back to school allows my daughters, along with everyone else who doubted me to see, I can do it.

Being a woman in 2020 means not allowing what others think or say distract me from what my purpose is while here on earth. With every step I take, it is my personal goal to make sure I leave my mark along the way. Learning to lead by example and not just following what I see being done around me is the motto that pushes me and makes me strive to be the best woman in a world where we are not always given credit for our strengths and abilities. Staying strong when faced with adversity; persevering through the highs and lows, and conquering the tides and waves meant to swallow me, is the type of woman I am becoming in 2020.

Daily I remind myself, you must encourage yourself and always keep your head high. I teach my daughters they are queens and no matter what, hold their heads high even when things aren't going the way they want. For me being a woman; single mom in 2020 means pushing through it all; never giving up and focusing on what is important. I am certain with God on my side and letting my light shine no matter how cloudy life may seem, I'm going to be just fine.


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