"Being A Woman In 2020": Meet Tracey Rucker

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Being a Woman in 2020 has been quite interesting. In the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement, I find myself low key on the outside while being passionately not OK on the inside. Although I am not married and have no children, I have overwhelming emotions right now for every black boy and every black king out there. Growing up, I had dreams of equality and world peace. As you can imagine, that childhood dream has shattered into many tiny pieces. 2020 has definitely enlightened me to focus on that dream from a personal perspective instead. I am reminded daily that Satan is real, but God is much greater. He gives me strength to push forward to find peace and sanity in this chaos.

This peace starts with the alone time I’m so thankful to have. I often wonder if I could be married during this quarantine and not go crazy... Men, I love you, but I need my space, peace and quiet... as long as we spend some quality time together every now and then, I’m good! Perhaps my transparency is why I’m over 40 and still single! Or could it be because I’m in competition with the countless females who freely use their bodies and sexuality to stimulate the senses? Maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned but whatever happened to leaving something to the imagination? I choose not to compete and look forward to meeting the man who is intrigued by the mystery of what lies beneath the surface... someone I can fall in love with the way he touches me without using his hands. I read somewhere that having a deep conversation with someone who has a brilliant mind and a beautiful soul is a new way of making love. Count me in! It’s a beautiful thing when someone can fall in love with your mind and your thoughts. We spend our lives building walls to hide how we truly feel in fear of not being accepted. How refreshing would it be to tear down those walls piece by piece and have someone there watching in awe, anticipating what you are about to unveil?

That is what Being a Woman in 2020 will be for me. It is my time to embrace everything that makes me uniquely who I am. It is my time to be a mermaid in a sea of fish!


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