"Being A Woman In 2020": Meet Valerie Allen

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

What is being a woman in 2020 for me at the age of 52, it’s fulfillment of life!  Being a woman in 2020 in order to reach fulfillment I strive to live my F5 lifestyle that’s – Family, Faith, Finances, Fitness & Friendship.  While striving to maintain each of the mentioned areas of my desired state of being it all takes BALANCE

Family (Hubby) - We also got married 40 days before my 40th birthday for the first time and my hubby was 48. It will be 13 years of marriage this October, for us we believe ‘Putting in the Work’ for your marriage is what will make or break it.  He takes care of me and I take care of him, we both understand our respective roles. Our Love is having a marriage that’s perfect for US!  We are Uncle Charlie and Aunt Valerie to a host of people that span various ages!!!

Faith Being a woman in 2020 and my pillar of faith I share this saying sooooo very often – The devil meant it for bad, but God meant it for good.  This is a phase that I use with many of life situations that surface.  When the matter resolves itself those words always seem to come to life.

Finances I’m an advocate on finances as my career spans over 25 years in this industry but moving into my 50’s I went a step further with my hubby’s support and created 3 businesses – Allen & Allen Property Management, VDA Financial Group and most recently Brunch Pops.  I believe we have multiple expenses, why not have multiple streams of income.  Being a woman in 2020 I believe in wealth management. 

Fitness We as women struggle daily with our weight, many of us would prefer to be called ugly instead of fat.  I’m one that has literally tried any and every form of dieting known to woman.  Some successes and some not, but I’m every learning in the process more about me and my bad choices that effect my body.  We are currently building a home gym, which thus far has been a restart on my healthy lifestyle for 2020

Friendships As I’ve gotten older and some friendships season has expired for as your life changes so does your circle. Being a woman at 52 in 2020 I now understand the purpose in my various friendships.  This purpose will allow each to discover what is happening in the friendship for it reduces false expectations by knowing if this girlfriend will remain an acquaintance, be a good friend, or lastly be in the inner circle aka ride or die.


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