Bruh, Just Say No!!!

Fellas, have you ever received a "Nude Pic" from an ex??? It's like out of nowhere "Ding"; you check your messages and all you see is tits, ass, and the V... Is this her way of trying to get back in? Is she just horny and wants the D? Has her new dude left her and now she's rolling back to see if you're still interested in tasting her juices? And finally, did she send it to you by mistake??? (Stretching it with this one). Whatever the case may be your ex is in your messages and she has motives...

So what do you do in these types of instances? Do you respond back with a "Dick Pic"? Do you invite her over for one last encounter??? Do you curse her out? How do you handle this type of situation?

What I know for sure is... She's fishing bruh, don't let her hook ya... Women can be treacherous and will hook you back into a situation that will cause you drama... Women know sex is a weakness for men and they use it to get what they want... Is it a relationship with you? A new pair shoes; purse; rent money? Is she just trying to figure out if you're still holding on and waiting for her to get some sense? Not sure, but when she surfaces, JUST SAY NO!!! If she's coming back to you, you must be somewhat of a good guy and you can get cookies out of another woman's jar. Don't let what's between her legs trap you, it aint worth the hour sensation she's going to give... Say no and keep moving, you deserve better than the woman she is...

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