Crushed Grapes...

At this very moment you’re feeling crushed by life… It’s like everywhere you turn, something is going wrong… Work, Home, Church all seems to be in a shamble and you don’t know which way to turn… Life is choking you and you’re gasping for air, you can feel all the good releasing before your very eyes… Where is God? You’re in what feels like your darkest moment… Your weeping has far passed a night, but joy hasn’t found you in the morning… Is it Covid? Or is life revealing how bad things have been and really are?

Life has its foot on your throat, It’s crushing every bit of faith you have… These past few months have been like none other… Challenge after challenge… Heartbreak after heartbreak… Disappointment after disappointment… Can things get any worse? “God, I’m drowning here, can you send a brother/sister a lifeline? Are you listening? Can you hear me?”…

What I know for sure is… As painful as it may be right now, you’re being processed… What you’re feeling isn’t aimed to take you out, its opening you up to greater… Even though you can’t see it, you’re going to come out better than you were before… Things won’t be the same, nor will you… Everything has a purpose and that includes what is considered to be “Bad”… Even though there are times in which you feel God is nowhere to be found, He’s there… He’s walking through your situation with you, you just can’t see Him…

Life can be like wine at times, there is a process to everything… Sometimes you have to be crushed to take on your true purpose and form… “Crushed” grapes make wine, but there had to be a process in order to formulate the product… Hold on, you’re being made… YOU GOT THIS!!!


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