Dear Sister...

Married, 2.5 kids, beautiful home, gorgeous husband and traveling around the world is my life. Not to brag, but my husband constantly reminds me of how much he loves me. How he adores me and how I’m the perfect woman for him. From our first meeting I knew he was the one for me. My family loves him, my boys admire him, his colleagues respects him and before I forget, all the women love and thirst for him. They love him so much until one of them gave him a package to deliver home to me. I know your minds are starting to wonder what this package is, but I can assure you it wasn’t an illegitimate child.

Seven years into our marriage I’m now living with something I didn’t ask for, didn’t go out looking for, nor did I do anything to get. My husband told me I was the “perfect” woman for him, but never said I was the “only” woman for him. He had a fling that changed my life forever. I have to admit I knew he was cheating, but never did anything about it. I wanted our marriage to work, so I ignored all the signs, put on a happy face, and did the old fashion thing by sticking it out through the thick and the thin.

From the outside my marriage was picture perfect to the eye. It was the marriage many of you dream and thirst for so badly. We were the unknown “Wil and Jada”, “Victoria and David Beckham”, and the infamous “Barack and Michelle”, but on the inside we were a mess. He never hit or cursed me, but he cheated and later infected me. Who would have ever thought today I would be going through a divorce, pregnant, taking medications, and raising 2 boys alone? I wouldn’t have. My life will forever be changed because of the poor decisions he made.

I have every right to hate him, and sometimes I do. Each time I swallow a pill I literally break down because I did nothing to deserve this. All those wonderful gifts he showered me with I thought were because of his love for me, but it was because of his guilt. To all my single and married sisters who so desperately want to be married or paint the picture of a great marriage, don’t ignore the signs just to give off the impression of happiness. Pay close attention, trust your instincts, and listen to the thoughts in the back of your head. I ignored them for the sake of my children, my fear, and the thoughts of others and now I’m living with the consequences. From one woman to another, if your gut feeling is telling you something, listen to it.

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