Don't Do It...

Some of you are questioning whether or not you should go back… The person or things you’ve been running from, you’re now considering going back… Now I can’t tell you what to do because I’m not in your shoes… I don’t know the whole story, the history of your situation, nor do I know how you’re feeling at this very moment. I can only assume recently something has happened which has erupted fear, loneliness, and the need for the things or person you vowed you were done with…

I’ve learned through experience to never make an emotional decisions. I had to learn the hard way to think it out and give myself time to clear my head. Many times we find ourselves right back in horrible situations all because we made a decision in a moment of weakness. For example, I have women friends who were in physically abusive relationships, by the grace of God they were able to get out of them, but only to go right back. At a particular moment they felt lonely; no man could ever desire someone like them, and before they knew it, their ex was sitting on their couch.

Emotional decisions can spin you in the wrong direction and change your life forever. Emotions can’t always be trusted because they're driven by what's happening at the moment and subject to change at any given time. If you’re considering going back, before you do, ask yourself WHAT, WHY, and HOW? What has recently happened to make you feel the way you’re feeling IN LIFE at this moment? Why do you want to go back? How is it going to benefit you?

What I know for sure is… You should never run back to the very thing you ran from… A good friend of mine once told me, “You don’t have to remember why you left, just that you left” Jeffrey Campbell. Your next step determines whether you move forward into better or backwards into what you already know and feel comfortable in. Which way are you running?

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