How Big Is Your Glass?

Are you a “Half Empty” or “Half Full” type of person? Honestly, I’m neither. As long as I can see something in the glass, I’m good. Now I haven’t always been this way, I used to be more of a “Half Empty” type of guy. I always saw the negative, but over the years life has taught me, find the good in just having something in your glass.

So I have a question for you? How big is your glass? Is it a Shot Glass? 8 0z? 16 oz? 7’11 Big Gulp? Sonic Route 44? Exactly how big is this glass you’re measuring your happiness; success; life? The glass you’re using to determine whether or not you’re moving in the right direction? Whether or not you’re truly “Blessed and Highly Favored”? Because we are focused on what’s not in the glass, we’re unable to see just how much is in the glass already… Envision this… If your glass a 7’11 Big Gulp and it’s half filled, have you ever considered that you have so much more than those who are looking at a “Shot Glass”; 8 , oz or 16 Oz? What you’re perceiving as not enough, is more than enough for someone else.

What I know for sure is… Well first, you should never compare your glass to anyone elses… Secondly, stop focusing on the fact your glass is half empty and view it as an opportunity for God to fill it up… Lastly, shift your attention to the mere fact something is in your glass, there are so many people who would kill to drink what's in your cup. #YouGotThis

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