How Colorful Is Your Life?

Somewhere in time you were told “You can’t”… You were made to feel your dreams were too big… Your passion was too strong… Your faith exceeded God’s ability and at that very moment, the colors of your life began to fade…

You’re absolutely amazing, brilliant and a creative force, yet you’re living in a black and white world… A world where thinking outside the box; being different and not fitting in are all looked down upon… You’re unable to see just how great you are because you’re afraid of the opinions; thoughts and perceptions of others… What happened to the colors of your life? You know the color “Belief”, “Faith”, “Determination”? What happened to your pursuit of life?

Have you ever considered your “dreams” are only a fragment of God’s plan; purpose and will for your life? Have you thought regardless to how big your dreams are they’re no comparison to the dreams God has designed for your life? Not sure what it is you’re wanting to do, but you know you’re not doing it… You’ve allowed the world to change your mind and now that you’re older, you’re beginning to doubt you will ever see them come to past…

What I know for sure is… You are “limitless”… There is nothing you can’t create… Your dreams aren’t too big, you’ve just encountered a few people who have given up on their dreams… Find the “colors” you once had and begin to paint the portrait of your life… The life you’ve always wanted; desired and dreamed of… The brush is in your hand, what you choose to paint is up to you… YOU GOT THIS!!!


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