Queen, Princess, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, and Friend is what they call us. Strong, Beautiful, Intelligent, and Attractive are words they use to describe us. Thin, Thick, Plus Size, Curvy, and Big Boned is how they see us. Bitch, Whore, Slut, and Gold Digger is how they degrade us. Weak, Passive, Submissive, and Inferior is how they underestimate us.

For centuries we’ve been underrated and underestimated. We’ve been looked over, put down, pushed to the side, and maneuvered around. We’ve been abused, taken advantage of, and even raped of our innocence and our rightful place in the world. Repeatedly told our place is in the kitchen and bedroom, our words are null and void, and our thoughts aren’t important or relevant. We’ve been told a woman should be silent and we should just sit back and watch. Our names are used to describe hurricanes because it is said our emotions are destructive. Our bodies are plastered on billboards, magazines and used in videos to create an illusion to give way to the eruption of the cream men like to call “milk shake”. The media paints us as strong, but secretly insecure; equal, but inferior; intelligent, but clueless; important but dispensable; valuable but replaceable, independent but needy, with all these misconception of women, it’s clear as to why so many of us are clueless to the power we possess.

Sisters, we are the carriers of Royalty, Presidents, World Leaders and World Changers. We are educators, leaders, innovators, and geniuses. Within us lies the strength to rule countries; the power to lead multibillion dollar companies, and the knowledge to teach future generations. We are survivors predestined for greater, we are WOMAN. Without us, life here on earth is nonexistent. Clothes, education, husband, children, success or failure can never appraise who you are; you are valuable just because you are WOMAN. From the beginning of time our value was established and noted when God decided man needed more than just a hand. You are a gift to the world, not an item up for bid, don’t sell yourself. #IAmWoman

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