I'm Addicted...

Today you’re struggling and contemplating going back to the thing you’ve just left… You miss what you had even though it was blocking you from what you could have… You know it wasn’t good for you, but at this very moment you want it more than you ever have… Is it because it has left you behind; doesn’t want you anymore; or could it be because you shouldn’t have it? Whatever the case may be, it has become your drug and at this very moment, you need a fix…

Going back seems much easier… It would stop the pain you’re feeling; ease your mind and give you the feeling of home… But what happens once the newness wears off? What happens when you get back and realize shit hasn’t changed? They’re still crazy af? Your boss still sucks? What happens when you get back and realize you still deserve better?

Going back only seems easier because you’re comfortable with where you just left… You see moving into the unknown appears to be hard because you have to put in the work… You have to test your strength; go against your fears; forgive them and forgive YOURSELF… You have to go through some pain; cry a few nights; sit at home alone; explain to family and friends what has happened. Going back only appears easiest because it temporarily satisfies your hunger… Life ain’t a “Snicker”… In order to get to where you’re supposed to be, you’re going to have to walk away from things and people you love, but don’t deserve you…

What I know for sure is… DON’T GO BACK, NOTHING YOU NEED IS BEHIND YOU…. What you’re feeling at this very moment is going to pass, just hold on. You are stronger than you think, don’t allow the desires for what you had keep you from what you deserve any longer. Keep moving forward, trust me, YOU GOT THIS!!!


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