It's "Cuffing Season", Any Takers?

So it’s that time of year when phone calls, text messages and possibly even emails are received from people maybe you haven’t heard from in weeks, months, or possibly even years… People who are looking for comfort or to be quite frank, just some good ole sex… People you’ve known and even those you regret ever meeting. Whomever they may be, they’re seeking a warm familiar place and you’re on their list… Now this list is seasonal, come February/March your time will expire and you will resume your title as a “Notch On His/Her Belt”.

Unfortunately for some of you reading, you’re going to entertain and possibly even go back to a place which left you feeling less than you deserve. A place in which you felt disrespected; unappreciated and undervalued… A place you vowed to never visit again… A place mentally where you were hindered; emotionally broken and physically hurt… There are those of you who will entertain the notion of possibly giving in to taste that moment you’ve missed for some time… You’re going to entertain going back and hitting it one more time; sailing his ship in your ocean… Entertain going back to make him/her feel the way they’ve made you feel before…

Lastly, there are those of you who will go back to people who can’t handle you leaving again… They offered, so you felt accepting was the “Good Christian’ thing to do. You will go back to “cracked” people and leave them “broken” into pieces… People who want to be with you for the rest of their lives and because you’re “bored at the moment”, you will go back and destroy all the progress they’ve made in one encounter with you… It’s “Cuffing Season”, relationships and sex is like a good ole homemade Chicken Pot Pie, it hit’s the right spot…

What I know for sure is… Whether you’re the one reaching out or responding, after the season is over, you’ll be back to where you are at this moment… You see “Cuffs” are similar to “Chains”, they remove your freedom; restrain and temporarily disarm you… “Cuffs” temporarily take away your power for a moment or in this case, a season… Some can handle being Bae/Boo for a few months and then there are those who BELIEVE they can handle being Bae/Boo for a few months. Before you become either, ask yourself “What am I losing for a few months”?

PS.... Not a seasonal guy here, felt kinda cheap using my pic on this post... But oh well, LOL... Just thought I needed to put that out there...


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