• John Patrick Adams

Normal? What's That?

"If you're always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be" Maya Angelou

With the pressures of the world, Social Media, family, friends, I can completely understand how someone would want to fit in... You know to be normal; a part; loved and liked... I can even understand how "normal" can sometimes feel comfortable; easy; less hectic... But have you ever considered being "normal" truly means giving up your "authentic" self? Considered in order to "fit in" you must suppress yourself into boxes created by others? Well it's true...

When God created you, He never intended for you to be "normal"; to "fit in" or conform to what the world considers "acceptable"... You were uniquely made with a purpose of fulfilling a calling divinely orchestrated just for you... Did you even know there is a calling on your life? You have purpose and only you can walk this path? Well it's true, only the authentic, original version of you can fulfill the plan God has. There is nothing wrong with the things that separate you from others... Your authenticity is exactly what the world needs...

"Normal" is overrated and overly publicized to make you feel something is wrong with you... Take it from someone who tried fitting in most of his life and suffered because of it... Once you accept what separates you from others, you stand out and shine brighter than ever before... What I know for sure is... NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU... Trying to fit into places in which you aren't meant to will only cause you unnecessary stress. It is so much easier surrendering to your true calling than it is to the expections and perceptions of the world... You owe it to yourself to be honest and know you were never meant to fit in, but to stand out. SHINE BRIGHTER THAN EVER IN YOUR TRUTH AND AUTHENTIC SELF...

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