Not A Bitter Man, Just Over Immature Women...

Recently I met the most fascinating woman I’ve ever met in my life. Of course her outer appearance was breathtaking, but honestly I was mesmerized by the woman inside. Extremely smart, caring, kinda corky, passionate, and somewhat different from all the other women I’ve come in contact with recently. Every night as we ended the call, I smiled because I knew the next day I would get another opportunity to chat with her. Because I was so into her, I didn’t want her to think I wasn’t interested in getting to know her better, so I made sure I let her know. I did everything I thought was right: I called, texted throughout the day, made sure I invited her out to dinner and every opportunity I had, I let her know how gorgeous she was to me, but something was wrong. "You're full of shit" is what she told me, she thought I was playing games and had motives.

I hear women say there are no good prospects in the world anymore, but there are and how I know this is because I’m single and a great catch. At first I questioned whether or not I should change my approach, but if I did this I would be allowing an insecure woman to control who I am as a man. So you’re wondering how did I go from being mesmerized by her to calling her an “insecure” woman, right? Well it’s because she wasn’t ready for a real man. A man who is secure enough to express himself and strong enough to gamble with the possibly of getting his feelings hurt. It’s apparent she’s been played in the past and possibly taken advantage of, so every guy going forward will have to pay the cost for the immature guys she’s dated in the past. So if you’re reading my lady, maybe I was just into you. Maybe I was willing to let my wall down to allow you to cross over into my world. Maybe I saw more in you than you saw in yourself and wanted to let you know I’m here to support you. Maybe I was just into you enough to be a man and not play the games you are used to playing. Or maybe I was just into you more than you were into me. Whatever the case may be, I’m the guy you will regret you let get away.

Let me set the record straight, I'm not a hurt or bitter brotha, just a real one who knows most women in the world are so full of hot air it's unreal. Now to all you other women. Grow up and stop saying there are no good men, there are plenty, but are you a good woman? Are you a mature woman? Can you handle a King who wants a Queen? Before you rule a man out because he’s nice and considerate, maybe you should consider the possibility that’s he’s real (no games) and really into you. Don't punish him for seeing more potential in you than you see in yourself.

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