One Moment Please...

Have you ever invited someone over and just as you’re putting the finishing touches on dinner; your home; yourself, the doorbell rings? It’s like you’re ready, but not ready… If only you had a few more minutes to get everything perfect; just right; set the mood… If only you had a few more seconds to move things around; fluff up the pillows; light the candles… You yell, “One moment please”… You quickly get as much done as you can, open the door and they’re impressed with what they see… But it’s funny how they see everything that is “right”, but we only see what is “wrong”, still needs to be improve, and what appears to be out of place.

Many times we want things to be perfect and for some of you reading, you want yourself; life to be perfect… We ask for a few more minutes, hours, days, months, years to get things just right. We put people on hold while we shift and move things around, failing to realize they’re not going to wait forever. What I know for sure is… Sometimes you have to open up the door to your heart, mind and life and let people in. Perfect is a destination we will never reach, so why not embrace who you are and what you bring to the table. Allow others the opportunity to appreciate you for where you are and stop asking for more time to fix things that really don’t need to be fixed… Life is ringing your doorbell, you’re ready, open up the door!!!

Coming 09.23.2020


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