"Onion Ring" -vs- "Wedding Ring"???

I'm always blown away when I hear a woman say "I'm not going to be a wife to a man who only wants a girlfriend"... Or how about, "Why should he marry me if I'm giving him everything a wife gives without the ring"...

So Ladies, I have to ask... If you get the ring will you become a better version of who you are? Will the man get the 2.0 reboot of you? What are the separating qualities you possess as a girlfriend verses what you will offer as a wife?

You see ladies, many of you have practiced being a wife many times over before and trust me when I say, I get it... You've been everything he wanted, but the closes you've ever gotten to a ring, was an "onion" ring at Sonic... You supported him mentally, physically and some of you have even supported, financially... You were there when no one else was there; stood by his side; took care of his children by another woman and some of you even took him back after he stepped out of the relationship. So are you punishing all men for the mistakes of one? Will you give less of yourselves, because you gave more to a man who was unable to handle it?

What I know for sure is... JUST BE YOU... If you're wifey material, you can't help that... You can't help you're a good woman, nor should you deny yourself of being her... BUTTTTT I will say, choose wiser... Stop entertaining every man who approaches you; dicks you down well; who has the material things you desire... Every man shouldn't have you, nor is every man equipped with the tools to supply you with what you need.... Never attempt proving to a man you're worthy of the ring, if he can't see it, he shouldn't have you....

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