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Maybe it was a manager; ex-lover; friend; parent or possibly even YOU… Mistakes were made, lessons were learned and afterwards, the benefits of the “Trial and Error” period are enjoyed by someone else…

It’s crazy how in many cases we’ve been the person someone else has “practiced” on… You know like, we were the person who granted the experience of getting their shit right… He/She made their mistakes and because of us, they are now a better person for our predecessors to enjoy. As hard as the experience was for us, it seems so unfair that someone else can now benefit from our experiences. Did we stay too long? Was it a lesson for us to learn which caused us not to walk away? Is God punishing us by making us watch someone else enjoy what we help to create?

Lets take a manager for example… When we reported to him/her, they sucked… The lack of experience was evident; he/she micromanaged; he/she lacked the knowledge, patience, and drive to be a better manager. We left, they learned, and now the new employee has the best manager at the cost of our worst experience… How about parents… You are the oldest, so they learned how to be the empathetic; caring; nurturing parents at your expense… Your younger siblings only know the parent who are supportive; encouraging and willingly helpful… How about an Ex… While the two of you were together, he/she was immature; unfaithful; insecure; lacked drive and ambition… Now that you’re out of the picture he/she checks off all the amazing qualities any woman/man would desire in a lifelong commitment… You loved him/her, but they weren't equipped to love you... Now they're love mirrors yours, but for someone else...

What I know for sure is… Sometimes we are “practice” for the “best performance” of someone’s life… Catalyst which navigates him/her to their true selves or purpose… We are the people who never receive the “Thank You” cards… We are the defining moments, the people who serves a greater purpose than a job; relationship or friendship… Sure it may seem unfair or even hurt to know we were the sacrifice, but that’s life… Purpose doesn’t always come without pain… Blessings don’t always flow without a lesson… You may not see it right now, but even you are better for the experience... They’ve found the value in having you as their “practice”, but have you found the value of being it?

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