The Perfect Day...

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

So when are you going to take back your life? Reclaim your time? Retrieve your power? Imagination? Dreams? When are you going to grab hold of your destiny and fly?

Many of you reading today have relinquished your power to someone or some thing that shouldn’t have it… You’ve allowed fear to blind you to your potential; rob you of your ambition and to destroy your hopes for a better tomorrow… There are those of you who have allowed others to keep you from moving forward in the name of love; loyalty; morals and religion… You used to dream bigger than life, now you barely dream at all…

What I know for sure is… The day you take back your life; reclaim your time; retrieve your power, imagination and dreams is the day you stop giving a damn about what other’s will think; say or do… Today is the perfect day to start on a path of your own truth; living your calling… Today is the perfect day to start believing in yourself; your gifts, talents and the promises you’ve believe God has made to you… Today is the perfect day to take fear head on and stop allowing the unknown to keep you from what is waiting for you… Today is the perfect day to stop listening to the negativity of others… Today is the perfect to stop giving a damn about what people are going to think; say or do… YOU GOT THIS!!!!

"God's Way" featuring Kenosha White coming 09.23.2020


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