The Value Of A Woman

Value: the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

Throughout history women have repeatedly proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Women have shown the world, without their presence, there is no presence. Now sitting at the table with men are brilliant; powerful; creative and capable women who in some cases, bring more to the table than their counterparts. Mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, “Ride or Die” chicks, wives, life partners… Bread winners, nurturers, care givers… Executives, Leaders, Activist… I could go all day listing who women are to the world today. Sadly to say, there are some women who have yet to find their thread in this quilt we call “Life”.

Unfortunately, there are women who have yet to see their value. Women who are in competition with each other; Pornhub; Instagram; Facebook and Tinder. Women who cheapen themselves to gain the attention of a man who is incapable of seeing not only her value, but his. Women who are chasing the dreams of their parents by desperately wanting to be married; have kids and live in the big white house with the picket fence. Women who have been bamboozled by religion believing their sole purpose in life is to serve a man through submission.

What I know for sure is… Value is something in which must be seen by the individual before it can be seen by the world. Until some women realize THEY ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH, the world will treat them as though they are not. There is no competition as there is no other woman who can fill your shoes. Stop comparing yourself to the magazine covers; pictures on Social Media; your Sorority sisters; coworkers and most importantly, MEN. Start living your truth and open your eyes to your value and start appreciating all that you bring to the table. You are enough just the way you are… The day you see your value, the day the world will see your value.


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