Through Their Eyes...

I can always tell when I need to “detox”… You know like when my mind is trashed? Filled with waste? Tarnished by anger, hate, envy, and jealousy??? So you’re wondering how I know this, well I know by how I view those who are around me… When I allow my mind to be tarnished or intoxicated by negativity, no matter who it is or what it is, I find the bad in it… You see when I’m not feeling good about myself, I’m unable to truly see the good in others and the things surrounding me… I deflect my inward problems onto my surroundings… So where am I going with this???

Well, some of you today have been consumed with the perceptions of someone who doesn’t matter… You’ve allowed what they think of you to override what you think of yourself… Did you know their perception of you is a reflection of themselves??? That the bad they’re seeing in you is only a reflection of the bad they see in themselves??? You see “Good people see the good in people… Toxic people see the toxic in people…” You can’t allow what others think of you to control you… If you do, you will forever be in bondage, imprisoned by, or at the mercy of someone who shouldn’t hold that power…

What I know for sure is… If you find yourself constantly seeing the “negative” in others, ask yourself “is what I’m seeing truly them or me?”… If you find yourself constantly worrying about the “negative” others see in you, ask yourself “Why does what they think matter so much? So much that I’m missing out on life because of it?”… You can’t control what others think of you, but you can control what you think of yourself… YOU GOT THIS!!!

"God's Way" featuring Kenosha White


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