Wait It Out!!!

Many of you may not know this, but I'm a yard guy... Yup, I like getting out there getting my hands dirty, I even used to cut my own yard... So of course it's that time of year when you have to start planning for the next... You know Fertilizer/Weed & Feed in the spring, Pre-Emergent in the fall...

For the past couple of weeks, I've tried finding "0-0-7" for the yard, but both Home Depot and Lowes have been out of it... This morning after leaving the gym, I decided to drive to another location to see if it was in stock there. To my surprise, there was only 1 bag and it had a hole in it. Fast forward, I spoke with one of the employees; asked if I could possibly get a discount; we walked up front to customer service and there was one person in line before me. As I stood there, the Customer Service guy was taking forever. I was growing impatient; "hurry up" running through my mind and I was actually thinking maybe I should ask "Don't you see me standing here", but I kept quiet...

So where am i going with this... Well there was a learning lesson in this experience... Once the guy finally got to me, because of the hole in the bag that really wasn't a big deal, he gave me 75% off. But what would have happened if I would have opened my mouth????

What I know for sure is... There's a blessing in being patient and keeping quiet... Just like me, you want to ask God, "Don't You see me standing here"... You've asked for something, but it seems as though He's taking His time getting to you... Trust me He sees and have heard you, He's not "shading" or brushing you off. But as He has seen you, He has also equipped you in the meantime... He has equipped you with the strength to endure the wait... He has equipped you with the tools to maintain the wait... When the time is right, you'll receive what you're in need of if it is in His plan for your life... But in the meantime, be patiend and keep quiet... Just as things happen when they're supposed to, Blessings come when they're supposed to... WAIT IT OUT!!!!

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