Wake Up Fellas...

Yesterday I wrote a post “What Happened Women?”, so to be fair, today I want to encourage men to WAKE UP…. Women have changed, some for the worst, but there are innumerable who have changed for the better…. So if you’re going to keep the one you have; get the one you want, I strongly suggest YOU WAKE THE FUCK UP…

Wake up fellas, women no longer need you for your money…. In a world where women are Business Owners, Executives, Creative Designers and Future Shapers, your money is no longer needed or required. Women are now calling the shots in the office and in their homes, so if you’re going to step to this woman, you better have something to offer other than a 12 inch dick and a 6 figure salary…. Educated women isn’t anything new... Women whether they’ve graduated from college or not, have always possessed the whits and smarts we as men need. But we’ve slept on so many amazing women, so open your eyes to the prize before you, or someone else who's not blind by their ego comes along and snatches it from you…

Wake up fellas, women no longer need you for your penis…. In a world where women hold in the palm of their hands constant access to pleasure through apps like “Plenty Of Fish”; “Tinder”; “EHarmony”; “Facebook” and “Instragram”, YOUR penis and I emphasis “YOUR penis” is no longer needed to satisfy a woman or give her what she wants… Women now have access to any color; any size and even have access to banks in which “heirs” are kept safely in a refrigerator…. Vibrators for some are now doing the trick, but there are those women who still requires the girth of a man, but YOU don’t necessarily have to be that man…. Sure you’re a good plumber who lays great pipe, but don’t over estimate yourself…. You watch porn, so be honest with yourself, there are plenty of men out there drilling deeper, expanding wider and opening up places you will never be able to.

Wake up fellas, women no longer need you for a ring…. In a world where cohabitation is on the rise, “marriage” has been placed on the back burner for some…. Sure there are those women who want to be married, but if accepting a man who lacks vision; passion and ambition comes at the cost of that ring, they’re willing to let you pass…. Women aren’t looking for an upgrade, but for a partnership with a man who has drive…. Women are looking for men who are willing to help her achieve her goals while she helps him achieve his…. Sure you are the head, however she is the neck who holds you up…. In order for the partnership to work the head must know which direction it wants to go in order for the neck to guide it.

What I know for sure is.... Many of you fellas have fallen asleep…. You’ve gotten so comfortable in what you believe are gifts to women, unfortunately what you believe are your gifts have become the norm in our society…. Allow this post to be the knock on the door which has awaken you…. You’ve been sleeping on women, so wake the fuck up bruh or you’re going to lose what you have….

"God's Way" (Check it out)


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