Waking Up Alone On Valentine's Day!!!

Honestly, by now I thought I would have gotten frustrated with the whole idea of waking up alone on Valentine's Day... I thought I would have fallen into the trap so many singles fall into each and every year... You know the trap of feeling depressed about being single, so they find a willing vessel to stay over night to rock their worlds or just to have a body laying next to them... I thought by now "age" would have scared me into settling into a relationship for the fear of getting older alone.... I thought I would have given into the idea of spending Valentine's Day with "The One" or "ANYONE:", and waking up with a smile bright enough to light the darkest room, but surprisingly I find myself in the very exact place as I've been for the past 11 years... Today, February 14, 2022 is no exception... I, John Patrick Adams woke up alone yet again... Like previous years, there were invites to lay in other beds.... Offers to break what some believe is a curse... You know the curse of "Singleness" and being alone as the clock strikes midnight and the "Love Day" begins, but like previous years, I chose to be alone... If you've read my post "Waking Up Alone On New Year's Day", you know before I started my journey of healing, I've had several New Year Day's in which I made a vow to never wake up again miserable... A vow broken many times and one that left me saying year after year, "I can't do this again".... I can remember many Valentine's Day in which I sacrificed "peace" for the feeling of a body next to me... Inwardly I was miserable, but i didn't want to wake up alone, so I made the choice to give up one of the most underrated gifts ever... There's nothing more valuable than "PEACE"... You know peace of mind that you're not settling for someone to have something... Peace of mind you're not giving up who you are and "the freedom to be the best you" for the sake of a relationship... Or how about peace in your home??? I can remember dreading waking up because I knew there was going to be an argument, fallout and more than likely my day being ruined.... I can remember Valentine Day's where i had the one night stands that lasted a few hours into the morning, yet I found myself rolling over to an empty spot in my bed or driving home afterwards to an empty bed... It felt good for the moment, but once the reality set in, I found myself yet again saying "I can't do this again"... What I know for sure is... Waking up alone has been the greatest gift I could have ever given myself... A gift of starting my day with a clean slate, no drama, no confusion, no insecurities, no control, no manipulation.... If we're all honest, everyone could have woken up this morning with someone... In the world we live in today, even the ugliest person can find someone to scare the next morning.... But do you know, how you start your day is how you will end your day???? Some of you have become so accustomed to drama and confusion until you can't function in peace.... If there's no drama with a man/woman, you aren't happy and sadly to say, your inward man is being manifested in everything around you.... For those of you who woke up alone this morning and secretly feeling down about it, DON'T... There are married people and people who are in relationships who would trade lives with you today... Like me in previous years, they woke up this morning thinking "I can't do this again"... A relationship shouldn't nor does it hold the power to define you... Waking up alone isn't the end of the world, just the beginning of your day... Take it from me, the gift of "peace" and "silence" is something you should treasure... Sometimes the "noise" (problems, drama, confusion) that comes with relationships isn't worth paying with your "peace of mind".... As stated in my previous blog "If you’re alone this morning, enjoy the blessing of waking up, appreciate the peace of mind you've been granted, and use your freedom to do whatever you want…"

Don't allow perceptions, images, and illusions you may see today on Social Media to cause you to doubt your worth. You are lovable, just at this moment there's no outsider in your life to love you.... You are desirable, just at this moment there's no outsider in your life to tell you... If you notice I wrote "outsider", because if no one else loves you today, YOU SHOULD LOVE YOU!!!! If no one else speaks how desirable you are today, YOU SHOULD TELL YOURSELF!!! Valentine's Day is a day of love, just because there is no outsider present to show you, doesn't mean you can't show yourself.... LOVE YOU BOO!!!!

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