What Are You Eating???

So as I gear up for my 49th birthday, I've been focusing more on shedding a few pounds... But for whatever reason, I've been unable to see the results on the scale... I know i've gained muscle, but there is still those unwanted areas I would love to see quicker results... Could it be my diet??? Could it be I need to switch up my workout routine??? Could it be age???

As I dived into what could be the problem I noticed I've been "Mentally" eating horribly... I've slacked up on watching what I feed my mind and as a result of this, I've gained a few pounds mentally as well... You see I used to read all the time... I would listen to things that inspired me... I watched my surroundings and what I allowed others to bring to the table... I was eating pretty damn bad and I could feel it...

I stopped blogging... I stopped working on music... I stopped reading and watching videos that empowered and encouraged me... What i was eating eating mentally impacted everything about me... Just like me, many of you reading are binging on crap and your life is showing it... You're in a rut; unable to shake depression, sadness, feelings of lonliness... You're now feeding your mind TMZ; The Shade Room; Netflix; Pornhub and many other things that are bringing you way down... Trust me, I understand the cravings for Junk Food, but I also know the results of it when we are feeding ourselves too much of it...

What I know for sure is... If you want to see the results, you have to change up the regimine... You have to purge and detox your mind of the things that are killing your future and joy... Many of you are happy on the surface, but you lack the joy and peace that will sustain you when the happiness fades away... Join me as I shred the pounds weighing me down... Will it be easy to give up those things we crave, nope.... But once you begin to see the results of the discipline and hard work you've put in, it will be well worth it... What are you eating???

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