What Happened Women?

So this blog was inspired by a question Robert McCormick of Verbal Nation Apparel asked earlier today... (Check them out: www.verbalnationapparel.com )

"Fellas do you think with all the added beauty attachments from wigs to eye lashes, make up, filters...etc we have become numb to natural beauty?"

What happened women? You know to the times when you combed your hair and not threw on a wig… When you only wore makeup to cover a blemish and not a filter to make you unrecognizable… When crunches were your “go-to" and not rely on a “waist trainer's”… When you saw your own beauty and not need the “Likes” of others to validate it… Has the world changed? Or has your self-esteem lowered; confidence decreased; ability to stand out?

What happened women? You know to the times when “Bitch” was offensive… When the word “pussy” made you cringe… When sucking a man’s penis wasn’t a conversation; meme or caption… When being a “whore” wasn’t a measurement of your strength and freedom to sleep with numerous men… Oh yeah, how about the times if a man referenced you as “His bitch”, the relationship would be over??? Has the world really changed? Or has your morals, self-value and your tolerance?

What happened women? You know to the times when you demanded respect from not only men, but other women… When your body was a temple and not a temptation to lure men into your DM… When your words were undeniably different than those of a man… When your heart guided you; your mind protected you; your spirit comforted you… Has the world changed this much? Or has your belief, respect, and care for yourself?

What happened women? Yes the world has changed, but so have you… The world is constantly changing, but every change it brings, you don’t have to accept… Know your worth which will cause you to set limitations; no longer feel the need to fit in…. Set boundaries which will cause you to weed out both men and women who are only hurting and not helping you… Have respect for yourself and other women, this will cause you not to compete; tear down or maliciously hurt other women… What I know for sure is… You’ve changed whether that be for the “good” or “bad”, but because of this, everything you accept, allow, and your actions has changed…

"God's Way"


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