What If?

What if it’s not the enemy attacking you, but God preparing you? You know like what you’ve been praying God brings you out is actually what He’s brought you to… Could He be stretching; prepping; equipping you for all He has planned for you?

What if the one you’re desperately fighting to keep is actually the one you should let go? So many times we hold onto things and people who aren’t meant to be in our lives… We’ve become comfortable with their presence and fear being uncomfortable with their absence…

What if you lived in the present opposed to being trapped in the past or burdened by the future? Both the past and future are things you can’t control nor change… Allow your past to teach you what the present and future wants you to know… Living in the present unchains you from the past and relieves you of what is to come…

What I know for sure is… Depending on what follows “What if” determines “What will” and “What is”… Find peace in your strength, abilities and gifts.., You are more than enough and equipped to tackle any challenges you face… Whatever your situation may be, YOU GOT THIS!!!


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