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When A Man Breaks A Woman...

Updated: Mar 2

For centuries the behavior and mind of a “Man” has been compared to the behavior and mind of a “Dog”. Like a “Dog”, men are loyal, protective, and will love and serve those who takes care of him, but like a “Dog” there are certain breeds who will turn from protecting to making those who love him their prey.

Have you ever you been bitten by a dog? Seen the holes left from the bite? Or how about felt the pain of the missing flesh ripped away? Trust me when I say it’s not a pretty sight, nor does it feel good. When a man “breaks” a woman, it’s similar to the bite I’ve just described. He rips away parts of her in which she can never get back. There are women who wear the scars from the bite left behind that serves as a constant reminder, they’ve been bitten. Over time, the missing parts of her may return, but for some women, they never bounce back.

When a man breaks a woman he steals her joy, hope, and her will to continue…. When a man breaks a woman he steals her confidence, esteem, and desires for greater… When a man breaks a woman he robs her of the security of feeling comfortable in her own skin… When a man breaks a woman he steals her inward beauty which causes her to question both her inward and outward beauty... When a man breaks a woman he leaves her behind to deal with the damage in which he have caused…

Just like a “Dog”, men can love, but they can hurt… Just like a “Dog”, men can protect, but some need protection from… There is a woman who is reading this post today who has been bitten (broken) by a man… Maybe it was years; months; weeks or just a few days ago… Whenever it was he took something away from you and you haven’t been able to bounce back… Seems like you loss something, but you can’t figure it out… Before him, life seemed great… Before him, you were confident; driven and filled with dreams… After him, you feel empty….

What I know for sure is… You can’t give up on YOU… You’ve been bitten and it hurts like fuck… You want better, but don’t have the energy to get it… You want to be happy, but don’t believe you deserve to be happy… You want so much more, but can’t find a way out of the hole you find yourself in today… Love hurts and when you’ve loved the wrong one, it can be damaging, but you can’t allow it to destroy you… First, be honest with yourself and know you can’t do this alone, YOU NEED HELP!!! Find a friend, family member, pastor or even a counselor to talk with… Be honest with how you’re feeling and be open to allowing them to help you. Secondly, stop believing the lies of the enemy, HE IS THE REAL DOG… He wants to take away your future by killing you in your past, don’t let him… Lastly, trust GOD to bring you out of this… You have to allow Him the opportunity to heal the wounds left behind…

Isn’t it funny how GOD is the reverse spelling of DOG??? How He's the Man who can heal the wound left behind from a man??? Trust me when I say, you’re going to come out of this, but first you must want to… Don’t give up on YOU….

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