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When A Man Loves A Woman...

Truth: Love is “not” something you “hear”, it’s something you “SEE”…… #WhenAManLoves

Throughout history the behavior and mind of a “Man” has been compared to the behavior and mind of a “Dog”. The most known and controversial comparison between the two is the ability to commit to one female. It has been said both “Man” and “Dog” lack the willpower to settle with only “one”, but this is only the least of traits in which a “Man” and “Dog” share.

Like a “Dog”, “Man” (Real Man, not an immature 30 + yr old Man) is loyal to his Master. He serves, worships, and adores Him (God) with all his heart. Like a “Dog”,“Man” is also protective of his property. When threaten his natural instinct is to attack, he backs down to no one, and will carry his bone (Woman, children, etc.) to safety. Another wonderful comparison many overlook is “Man’s” ability to be a Best Friend. He feels the pain of those around him and because of his intuitive gene, he goes through great extremes to comfort, cuddle, and reduce the hurt in which his loved one is feeling. Lastly, the most unrecognized trait is “Man”and “Dog” ability to love…..

When a man loves his car he washes, maintains, and keeps it in excellent condition. When a man loves God he serves faithfully not only in his church, but in his community and world abroad. When a man loves his job he excels, learns new tricks, and allows no one to block him on his quest. When a man loves himself he grooms, fragrance, and maintains his health, mind, and appearance. When a man loves his family he protects, supports, and enhances their growth, value, and knowledge……

When a man loves his woman he takes care of her. She neither longs nor asks for anything. He’s attentive to her needs which places him one step ahead of her when gas and brakes are needed, hair and manicure money is needed, and when she needs her ocean sailed. He loves the extra pounds from the children she carried; He lights up at the mention of her name; He counts down the minutes at the end of his work day because he’s excited to get home. When a man loves his woman he may look at another woman, but his love for her keeps him from looking for ways to get with that woman….

What I know for sure is... Love is “not” something you hear, it’s something you “SEE”….. Many people both male and female long to hear the words “I love you”. The misconception of this is people will tell you what you want to hear, but what are their actions speaking? Are their words in harmony with their actions? Do you feel loved by their actions or left feeling deprived, hated, and resented? Christ proved on Calvary love is not words, but an action. Love is something you see and feel…. Anyone can say “I love you”,but it takes someone special to show it… “Man” and “Dog” both know how to love and when they do, they may not say, but they will definitely show it…… #WhenAManLoves

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