When Love Is Ready, But You're Not...

I’m realizing “love” is always ready and available, but the truth is most times we aren’t… We aren’t ready for the commitment it takes, nor are we emotionally and mentally available… Many of you say you want love, but within you lies the ingredient that poisons every opportunity of finding it…. “Love” is standing before you with its hand out hoping you will take hold of it, but because you’re holding onto things in your past, your hands are filled… You’re single, but your heart is taken… Maybe not by an actual individual, but taken by the residue left behind from an individual… Insecurities, trust issues, hurtful words and memories flow through its veins… Scarred and bruised; punctured and torn; ripped and broken into pieces and to the eye of the soul, it’s unrecognizable. Never allowed to heal nor mend itself, love struggles to occupy it because hate and love can’t coexist.

“Love” stands before you, possibly packaged differently than you would like, but it’s there… Heart Cataracts of perceptions and illusions of perfection causes you not to see it… You’re looking for the perfect man/woman, but you’re not the perfect man/woman… You’re looking for an “upgrade” when in actuality to the person you want, you’re a “downgrade”. Your perception of love is perfect, but love comes with flaws, and you’re one of them…. You’re flawed by life, relationships, parents, siblings… Flawed by your experiences of failed attempts of love… Flawed by your mistakes and mishaps… Flawed by beliefs and morals… So if love is perfect, how will someone be able to love someone as imperfect as you…

What I know for sure is… “Love” is ready, but you aren’t… You aren’t ready to surrender and submit… You aren’t ready to release… You aren’t ready to grant permission to be hurt… “Love” is there, but you aren’t… You’re trapped in the past which makes you unavailable in the present… Until you declutter your mind and detox your heart, love has nowhere to go… Love is ready for you, but are you ready for it??? Are you ready to free up the space in your life for it to fill??? Are you ready to allow yourself to feel the beauty and the ugly of it??? Love feels good when it’s good, but hurts like hell when it’s ugly… Are you ready for all of Love and not just the fuzzy of it???

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