When Your "Next" Just Ain't Cutting It...

Many of you are wondering why your current man/woman isn’t fulfilling your needs… Why they’re everything you want mentally, but sexually there’s something missing… He’s hung like a horse; she’s able to sail your ship to a happy ending, but there’s something missing… Physically and visually they pass, emotionally and spiritually they pass, but when the lights are off, they fail the test with flying colors…

What’s wrong? What’s keeping him/her from taking you to the peaks you’ve climbed many times before? You’re not an addict, but you know the “high” of sex so well, and you want it like a crackhead wants a rock… Now in no way are you comparing your “current bae” to your “ex bae”, but It wasn’t a problem in the past. Just the thoughts of your “ex” bring chills to your body… They knew what made you melt; exactly where to touch you; how to kiss you, how to make you erupt before the first piece of clothing hit the floor. Why can’t your current man/woman give you that feeling you’ve had before?

Well, since you asked… It’s because you’re connected to your “ex”.

Because we are spiritual beings, any time we physically connect with someone, our spirits connect as well… Be it good or bad, satisfying or the worse sexual encounter of our lives, we are connected with the individual until we break the tie that’s holding us together… Ending the relationship won’t break it… A divorce decree won’t break it… Getting married won’t break it… Sleeping with a rebound won’t break it… Looking for someone to exceed what they’ve done won’t break it either… Until you acknowledge there is a chain, detox your mind and spirit, you will forever be connected to your previous “sex partner” and unable to completely connect with your “soul mate”….

What I know for sure is… Before we lay down with people, we should ask ourselves if they’re someone we want to keep around… Sex was never meant to be used to satisfy the physical, but created to be given as a gift to the one we are spiritually connected to… “Sex” can be a “gift” when given to the right one, but when used improperly it can be a weapon of mass destruction… Who are you connected to???? Your “Soul Mate” or your last “Sex Partner”?

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