Who's Eating Out Your "Cookie" Jar?

“We know after we give it up… the guy is no longer interested as much…”

So a fellow listener of the Brown Liquor and Cigar Podcast posted the above quote, so I wanted to take a few moments to talk to the female readers and listeners here on the site…

Ladies, is it he is now less interested? Or have you become “less interesting”?

You see, the guys who tend to fall off after getting the cookies, were never there for the long haul anyways… You placed these men in categories they should have never been in. These men never saw you as a potential mate, only a quest to conquer. You were a challenge, not a desire…. Because you have deemed your “cookies” as a gift, you’ve placed value on something in which he sees as disposable.

Now I know this may sound a tad bit cruel, but it’s true…. For a man, “Cookies” are the same… Of course many of you women have mastered techniques which may separate you from others, but at the end of the day, “cookies” are the pathway to his “cream”…. This is why men can eat out of several cookie jars at one time, but never feel the pressure to decide which one he can’t live without.

So is it fair to to say he is now less interested? Or should we accept the truth, you’re “less interesting”? Once you opened the cookie jar, you stop putting in the work…. You gave him the gift, so subconsciously you may have thought it wasn’t necessary to keep his attention as you did before. Again, because you’ve deemed your “cookies” as valuable, the expectation is he should see it and want to keep it…. NOT TRUE!!!! Men who truly want to be with you, will be there after you open your legs…. Men who don’t, won’t…

What I know for sure is…. When you give your cookies is never the question, who you give your cookies to is… Ladies, use your head and not what’s between your legs. That won’t keep him, but using your head will keep you from being another batch of cookies he’s devoured.

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