Who Was Better???

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Throughout my life I’ve heard numerous stories…. Stories of triumph and stories of failure…. I’ve heard stories of love and happiness, and then there are those stories of hate and brokenness… Out of all the stories I’ve heard there is one that still to this day makes me want to cry…. A story shared by someone I love dearly…. A story where her husband cheated on her constantly…. She knew it and so many times questioned what she brought to the table…. Was it enough? Was she enough? How can she keep him from finding what he wants in other women? There was a time when the other woman found the two of them together and asked the question “Who fucks you the best?”. As shocking as this may be, he responded to the other woman “You do”. Every time I think about this, it breaks me down… First, because I love her dearly…. Secondly, because he was an idiot…. And lastly, because the other woman suffered from her own issues, but were clueless to them…

So this story brings me to many of you who are dating or married but wondering “Who’s the best?”…. In the back of your mind you’re wondering if your spouse/mate is completely satisfied with you, or does he/she ponder on their ex…. It could be sex, cooking, the way in which they are treated… It could be whether or not you’re giving them the support they’ve been accustomed to receiving…. Whatever the case may be, you’re wondering if what you’re bringing to the table is better than what they’ve had.

What I know for sure is…. It don’t matter…. It don’t matter what they had, but what does matter, is what they have…. You give the best of you and if what you’re giving doesn’t satisfy them, free him/her to go and find what they want…. There will always be someone who fucks, cooks, supports and any other thing you can imagine… You can go to the end of the world for someone, but if they’re looking for something you’re unable to give, it don’t matter. Be your best…. Give your best…. Love your best…. If your best isn’t enough for him/her, Find your best strength, courage, power and let them go…

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