• John Patrick Adams


Have you ever considered the power of your words? How the words you speak can kill not only others, but your dreams? Have you ever considered the words you use to describe yourself later manifest themselves into the universe? Right now, many of you are trapped at home with your words… Every time you stand before a mirror, words formulate… Every time you make a mistake, words formulate… Every time something goes wrong, words formulate… Every time you reminisce on your past, words formulate… And then there are those of you who are living prisoner to the words of parents, abusive partners, friends and even enemies… And right now all of these words are blocking your view to the truth…

Words have the power to heal, but they also hold the power to kill… You hold the power to accept or reject words, but many of us tend to relinquish this power and give up not only on ourselves, but life and God… What I know for sure is… You are more than the words you and others have spoken… You are more than the toxic impressions left on you by someone you’ve trusted… You are more than capable of accomplishing your dreams… You are deserving of happiness, joy, and peace… You are not your past… You are not stupid; dumb; ugly; fat; doomed to fail; worthless; crazy… You are not your mother/father… Don’t allow the voices of the enemy to keep you from the truth of God… You are loved; valuable; wanted and needed… You may not feel it at this very moment, but you are… Choose your words carefully, what you speak is what you will become…

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