You Just Met Me....

So you just met someone… It’s been awhile since you’ve been approached and you’re flying high right about now… It’s the morning after and you’re wondering, “Should I text and say “Good Morning””? So here are three reasons you shouldn’t…

· You just met him/her… You don’t know his/her situation, therefore wait before hitting send on the text message or giving them a call… I get you’re not about games, but sending a message can be perceived as thirst, clinginess, and a tad bit pyscho.

· You just met him/her… Because you’re excited, you’re vulnerable and more than likely, your feelings will get hurt… If you were to send a text message and he/she doesn’t respond until later in the day, week or month, you’re going to feel some kind of way. Be real with yourself, because you’re excited, you want him/her to be excited and you will measure their excitement by their response.

· You just met him/her… So it’s been a minute since someone has shown some interest, take it for what it is… You’re attracted; a great catch; an eligible bachelor/bachelorette, but it’s been a minute… Don’t place expectations on someone you don’t know, he/she owes you nothing… If they reach out to you, good. If they don’t reach out to you, good… You’ve loss nothing, but have been reassured of your attraction and eligibility.

What I know for sure is… Have no expectations of anyone you just met… Allow time to reveal what you need to know about him/her… Just as you are getting to know them, they’re getting to know you… Slow down, think before you react, and allow yourself the opportunity to be chased…

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