You're Making It Personal...

So this morning I was asked “Are you intimidated by me?’. Now this comes from a 40+ year old successful, brilliant, and extraordinary woman… Honestly, she checks off all the boxes for an “Amazing Wife”, but unfortunately for her, I wasn’t responding in a manner how she felt a man should respond to a woman with all she has to offer.

So as I processed this question, I thought about many of you women… You see she checks off all the boxes for an “Amazing Wife”, but she also checks off the boxes for an “Aggressive and Annoying Woman”. Now I’m all for going after what you want, but when the signs are clear you’re not wanted, don’t insult a man by asking the question “Are you intimidated by me?”. Maybe he’s just not into you… Maybe you need to reassess how you approach a man… Maybe even though you believe you’re all of that and a bag of chips, he doesn’t… Maybe all the subtle hints you’ve thrown out have fallen flat… Or maybe there is nothing wrong with you, he just doesn’t want to be with you…

What I know for sure is… Ladies, stop making things so personal… Just because the one you want doesn’t want you, doesn’t necessarily mean he can’t handle you… We all have a cup of tea, maybe you’re not the flavor he’s wanting to drink. Be strong enough to walk away… Be brave enough to accept his freedom to not choose you… Be wise enough to see and follow the signs… Be smart enough to know this isn’t rejection, you’re just not getting what you want… Lastly, be honest with yourself just enough to see the truth, he’s not intimidated by you, he just don’t want you…

"God's Way" Check it out!!!


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