You're Too Much...

“Dramatic”, “Clingy”, “Needy”, “Insecure” are all labels your man has tattooed on your mind… He has convinced you into believing your needs are way too much. All you’re asking for is time, attention, love… You know the things a relationship needs to survive? Yet he makes you feel like “You’re Too Much”. Ladies, have you ever considered maybe the one you’re with isn’t the one you need? That just maybe it’s not you that’s too much, but him who is not enough?

I’ve realized as horrible as COVID has been to the world, there is still a lesson for each of us… Quarantine has forced us into independence; self-reliability and hopefully it has shown many of you, just how dependent you are on your man and relationship. Now don’t get me wrong, if you’re in a relationship your mate should be dependable and there for you when you need them, but not to the point in which you feel you can’t live without him/her. Hopefully COVID has proven just how strong you are and has allowed you to see being alone at home is not as bad as you’ve made it.

Ladies, you deserve a man who will treat you with respect. A man who desires to be around you even in moments you don’t want to be around him… You deserve a man who will love; cherish and value you… A man who only labels you with names that birth life into your existence, not a man who speaks words that kills the beauty of who you are… You deserve a man who understands you’re not always going to be at your best and in those moments, find the best in your worst…

What I know for sure is… You’re only too much for someone who can’t handle all you bring to the table.

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