"You're Too Old To..."

I believe we’ve all heard “You’re too…”. What has followed those two words have crippled some; destroyed others and sad to say, killed a few. Words have power many people underestimate… They loosely use words which impact the lives of those around them… I’ve had friends share with me they’ve been told “You’re too fat to wear…”; “You’re too ugly to be with a man that cute”; “You’re too worldly to be in ministry” and lastly, “You’re too old to…”.

For the better part of my life, I was also told “You’re too...” and here recently I’ve even been told “You’re too old to…”. Maybe ten years or so ago I would have been impacted by those words and would have adjusted my life to fit into the box created by someone who is living in a box smaller than mine. But I’ve grown, I’m not that dude anymore… What I’m too old for is living my life based on anyone else’s expectations; perceptions and ideas… I’m too old to not wear what I want; go where I want to go; say what I want to say or do what I want to do… I’m too old to allow someone to place limitations on my life because they’re threatened by my existence… I’m too old to give a fuck about what people think or how they perceive me as a man… I’m also too old to not know who I am and walk in that truth even when it goes against what the world believes…

Some of you reading are living a crippled life. You’ve allowed someone to plant a seed which has grown into a tree which is blocking the view of your destiny… There are so many things you want to accomplish, but you’ve convinced yourself “You’re too...” to make it happen. You have allowed people to suppress your greatness and because of this, YOU’RE MISERABLE… You’re miserable because there is so much more you want to do, but you can hear their voices in your head… Like me, you’re too old to give a damn about what someone else is going to think, say or do. I don't care if you’re in your twenties; thirties; forties; fifties; sixties; seventies or older… Stop allowing people to control your life. You only get one chance, so why not take that chance being the best version of who you are.

What I know for sure is… After my life has expired here on earth, I would rather people remember me dancing to the beat of my own drum instead of not dancing at all… LIVE YOUR LIFE, it’s yours to make of it what you want. Life isn’t about being perfect, life is about being freely who you want to be… The next time someone uses the words “You’re too…” ask them, “Don’t you think you have things you need to fix in your own life before trying to fix mine?”. Go get your life back people!!!!


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